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NeuroTech Interactive Charts

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 turned out to be highly volatile and rather unexpected for business. Despite the crisis, publicly traded NeuroTech-related companies continued their growth, reaching $407.44 billion of cumulative capitalization. 60% of companies are headquartered in the United States. In second place in terms of capitalization is Belgium, despite the presence of only one company.

On the chart above, the number of All NeuroTech-related companies by country are observed. The main players in this field are located in North America - 714 and in Europe - 346 companies.

Due to the relative youth of the NeuroTech field, most companies are private and in the early stages of financing. 40.3% of companies are in the seed financing stage and 24% in the Early Venture Stage. 17.1% of companies went public.

Until 2011, a small number of companies that are leaders in the field of neurotechnology were public. However, most companies listed on the stock exchange have only recently gone through an IPO. Therefore, there may also be a rapid increase in the capitalization of companies in this sector. The CAGR of market capitalization for the 3 largest companies over the last 10 years was 14.01%. 

Among non-American companies, there is an opposite tendency to American ones, and key players have long been public. The CAGR of companies market capitalization was 11.77% since 2011 for these companies.

Similar to the number of neurotechnology companies, the United States is also the leader in a number of the largest investors in NeuroTech.

This Investment Digest summarizes key players and observations in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, focusing on the NeuroTech industry. Here we summarized information about key industry trends, more than 1200 promising neurotech companies, 50 leading investors in this sector, and more than 80 NeuroTech-focused publicly traded corporations, outlining major investment rounds and relevant R&D trends illustrating industry traction and readiness of institutional investors (big pharma/biotech) to potentially acquire the most successful NeuroTech startups.

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