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NeuroTech Analytics is the world’s premier source of NeuroTech Industry Analytics, Forecasting and Benchmarking. It is the creation of Alon Braun from Riverbanks Solutions and Dmitry Kaminskiy from Deep Knowledge Group. is the central repository of market insights and analytics, and news for the NeuroTech space, including sectors, influencers,  investors, technologies, R&D centers, Hubs, companies, and trends.


NeuroTech Industry is one of the most promising and prospective sectors of modern BioTech in particular and exponential markets in general. Corporations, investors and other agents who will be able to utilize this growth and development will gain essential competitive advantages in their struggle for new markets, audiences, funding and technologies. Some NeuroTech subsectors are already well-established, mature enough and can be seen as what may happen with the whole NeuroTech industry in the near future, whereas the others are emerging markets which consist of early-stage startups. Differentiation of the most prospective NeuroTech sectors is one of the most important goals for every player in the industry.

Image by Robynne Hu


NeuroTech Analytics is the leading NeuroTech-focused analytical hub, producing advanced analytical reports on the whole scope of NeuroTech industries using insightful multi-dimensional analytical frameworks and algorithmic methods that combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver sophisticated market intelligence, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking.

Our analytics covers the following aspects of the NeuroTech market:

  • Leading NeuroTech companies, investors, NGOs, hubs, conferences, influencers, journalists, research institutions

  • Market structure

  • Technologies usage and implementation

  • Current and future trends of NeuroTech industry, as well as predictions

  • Case studies of the most successful and impactful players on the market

  • Aspects of the global NeuroTech race

  • Investment opportunities, problems and risks

  • Analysis of technology and investment readiness levels for different NeuroTech sectors

  • Social and ethical implications of NeuroTech

By analyzing current technological and business trends in NeuroTech, presenting the overview of various NeuroTech markets and technologies, and highlighting and forecasting trends, NeuroTech Analytics is able to identify the key drivers of NeuroTech industry, estimate its prospects, opportunities and risks, offer recommendations considering what has  to be done to develop an efficient market strategy in the NeuroTech market.





Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur and investor active in the fields of Longevity, Precision Medicine, and Artificial Intelligence.


He is a co-founder and managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, a leading investment fund focused on DeepTech. He is a frequent speaker on AI and Longevity, including events organized in London by The Economist “Aging Societies and The Business of Longevity”, Financial Times “Smart Machines vs Smart People”, Financial Times “Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference”, the "Precision Medicine World Conference" in Silicon Valley as well as others at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

He is actively involved in the work of the initiative group and was instrumental at the initial stage of the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the UK Parliament. He now serves as co-director of the secretariat, overseeing the APPG’s international Longevity cooperation development division. He is also supervising all of the APPG’s activities related to the development of Centres of Artificial intelligence for Preventive Medicine in the UK.

Alon Braun is a business architect who guides companies to achieve their goals more quickly and increase their profitability.


Alon has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and companies in the private and public sectors, helping them grow from an idea to profitability.

He has created a model called The Entrepreneur’s Journey (TM) that integrates the process of building a profitable business, including creating the ideas, leading the team, building the technical systems and software, going to market, and operating the business.


Alon specializes in applying his model to companies in industries including NeuroTech, AgeTech, AI, Genetic Engineering, and BioTech. His extensive experience in marketing, research & development, and managing teams allows him to solve problems and exploit opportunities in fast-paced industries.


Alon has been featured in outlets like Forbes, inc, and Entrepreneur magazine as an author, an expert in marketing and decision making, and one of the top 30 international entrepreneurs.

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