Investment Digest NeuroTech Industry Overview  2021 / Q2 

This Investment Digest is summarizing key players and observations in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, focusing on the NeuroTech industry. Here we have summarized information about key industry trends, more than 1200 promising NeuroTech companies, 50 leading investors in this sector, and more than 90 NeuroTech-focused publicly traded corporations, outlining major investment rounds and relevant R&D trends.

Neurotech Landscape Overview 2020 Q4 - A

Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview Q4 2020

“Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview Q4 2020” presents an updated overview of the global NeuroTech landscape, featuring dynamic industry mindmaps that profile 450 Companies, 650 Investors, 260 Influencers, 100 Conferences and 40 Journalists active in the NeuroTech space, interactive charts and graphs, and an 80-page analytical report summarizing key take-aways and trends to watch out for in 2021.

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Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview 2020

“Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview 2020” is the inaugural report of NeuroTech Analytics, the world’s premier source of NeuroTech Industry Analytics, Forecasting and Benchmarking and the central repository of market insights and trends and news for the NeuroTech space, including sectors, influences, investors, technologies, R&D centers, Hubs, companies and more.

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TOP-100 NeuroTech Industry Influencers 2020

In this report, we are presenting striking personalities who laid foundations and were navigators for the impetuous development of NeuroTech and influenced how humanity is redefining medicine, our social and private lives. Our list contains the entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, neural engineers, and scientists who are engaged in the academic, government, military, and commercial biotechnology sectors.